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What I am all about.

I'm the founder of Eekhoorn + Squirrell, an architecture studio based in Voorburg.

I speak English and Dutch and would love to help you solve your architectural and renovation challenges. I studied architecture in Portsmouth, England and Vienna, Austria and now live in Voorburg, close to The Hague in the Netherlands.

Using a fun collaborative sketch process, I help you to focus your ideas and to make design decisions for your house renovation/ extension or roof terrace.

Plus I can help with details, sourcing materials, project management and permissions too!


Design value built in.

sketches for The Hague community design workshop

Sketch ideas

Community brainstorm
sketches for The Hague community design workshop

Participation in a Hague community design workshop. This involved local residents and design professionals getting together to brainstorm and exchange ideas.

It was a great way to meet local people and see democracy at work as well as improve my Dutch.

kitchen renovation sketch architect The Hague

Art of kitchen

Clean and minimalist design
kitchen renovation sketch architect The Hague

Designer: Sally

Client: Elouise

Associate: Puss the cat

Customer: Tom the cat

Elouise wanted to achieve an overhaul of the kitchen making use of wasted space whilst retaining the work already done on the counters and tiles.

I proposed a new tiled floor, slimline dishwasher, black board feature wall with magnetic trees, new light feature and a drop down spice cupboard within the unused chimney space.

drawings renovation sketch architect The Hague

Detail design drawings

The devil is in the detail.
drawings renovation sketch architect The Hague

Designer: Sally

Measured drawings for renovation projects.

Elements worked out in detail with information schedules depending on package.

design architect English The Hague


Clean and minimalistic design

Designer: Sally

Client: Speculative

Speculative design for an open plan kitchen/ dining in Heemstede.

The brief was to develop a stylish, modern extension which would contrast with but complement the 1930's house.

Portfolio Image

Glass engraving

Make every line sublime
glass engraving The Hague

Designer: Sally

Client: Joy and Paul

A newly discovered love:
glass engraving

This was a commission for a glass panel to complete an oak door in Suffolk, England.

As the clients are great gardeners, we selected alliums as the motif for the glass panel.


Bite sized pieces.

Collaborative sketching

makes design fun and takes the stress out of design decisions

Project management

lets you get on with your day job knowing your project is in good hands

Detailed design

means all details are thought about and permission drawings prepared.


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